Riveting machine

It is very important to pay special attention to the rivetting process of the lining to the shoe so as to guarantee that the brake system is safe. Bearing in mind that Duroline offers equipment which guarantees a practical, quick and safe rivetting.

Both the model DRM 3.1 T (column) and the model MPR 8 (bench) operate with low air consumption and allow pressure regulation, providing a safe rivetting with uniform pressure, without risking having the rivets loosening up. Another advantage is that they are compatible with all kinds of linings, shoes and rivets existing in the market.


Technical Data

Riveting Machine - Column

• Double action pneumatic cylinder.

• Pneumatic operating pedal.

• Air set with pressure regulating filter and manometer.

• Air consumption: 1,2m³/hour (continuous service).

• Power between punches: 7 bar = 2750 kgf | 8 bar = 3100 kgf.

• Punch course: 32 mm.

• Changeable punched.

• Adjustable lower fuse with nut.

• Dimension: D 550 x W 330 x H 1450 mm.

• Weight: 110 kg.

• Compatible with all kinds of rivets (aluminium, copper, stainless steel and brass). We recommend the use of brass or brassed steel rivets.


For applications where lining and shoe dimensions and weight may influence on the rivetting process it is advisable to use jigs in order to guarantee productivity and efficiency in rivetting. Duroline offers the following accessories:

• Flat upper punch (ø 13,0 mm).

• Base with special adjustments, ideal for shoes with treads.

• Supporting for shoe.