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Recognized worldwide as one of the largest manufacturers of friction, Duroline uses the state of art technology on the market to produce brake linings for medium and heavy duty vehicles.

Consolidated more of 30 years in the national and international market, Duroline offers the quality and safety which customers need.

The excellence of Duroline´s products is ensured by a modern manufacturing processes and high quality control. Headquartered in the city of Caxias do Sul – RS – Brazil and subsidiary in the United States, the company serves nationwide and export to every continents in over 50 countries.



One of the great advantages of Duroline´s products is its manufacturing process, which uses high-performance technology, selected raw materials and revolutionary system Wave Process, which gives to the product all the necessary features for a better performance and durability.



Duroline provides to the  market a wide range of products for brakes systems of buses and trucks, attending the needs on this competitive market. In addition, the company exports to over 50 countries and is present in all continents, especially Latin America, North America, Africa and Europe.


Management Policy


Solutions in friction materials for commercial vehicles.


Develop, produce and commercialize friction material solutions for commercial vehicles in a safe and sustainable manner to the business, thus ensuring the expectations of partners, customers, employees, society and suppliers.


To be a competitive company in commercial vehicle friction materials in the global market.

Enterprise Values

1 - Safety and sustainability to the business.
2 - Proximity to the customer.
3 - Committed and respected people.
4 - Environmental responsibility.
5 - Integrity with all concerned parts.

Quality Policy

Develop, manufacture and commercialize friction materials for commercial vehicles, committed to the continuous improvement of quality and productivity.
Attend the customers’ requirements and applicable normative, as well as the satisfaction of internal and external customers.

Scope of certification:

Development, manufacture and commercialization of friction materials for brakes in automotive industry.